Our expert sales consultants are skiing enthusiasts who love the outdoors, average many years working in the ski industry, and regularly travel to each of the destinations and properties sold. Skigroup's sales team has over 100 years of collective ski resort experience that can't be matched anywhere in the industry. Click on a picture above to find out more about our sales consultants and how they can provide in-depth knowledge about resorts, lodging and optional activities to perfectly match your group's needs.

Stephen Hall
Chief of Karma
(303) 495-5054

I gave up a great job as a market maker on the options floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange 25+ years ago to pursue my passion for the mountains. I haven't regretted my decision even once. I met my wife on a ski trip and have been able to share my mountain passion with my two teenage sons. I've been able to travel around the world, stay at some of the most luxurious properties, dine at some of the finest restaurants, get drunk at some of the rowdiest bars. I love what I do... allow me to share my passion with you. Click here to find out more about Stephen.
Damian D'Apolito
Tour & Travel Planning Consultant
(720) 635-6136

After a few different sales jobs post college, I literally stumbled across Moguls Ski and Snowboard Tours in Boulder, CO. Since that moment, I knew I finally struck gold in terms of my career. I know I'll never get rich doing this job, but this job allows me to do what so many folks dream of doing... making a living doing what they love. In the last 10 years, I've traveled all over the world for "work", mountains, beaches, you name it. Click here to find out more about Damian.
Patrick McCabe
Tour & Travel Planning Consultant

Click here to find out more about Patrick.
Sandy Gaudette
Tour & Travel Planning Consultant
(800) 500-2SKI (2754)

I've been around the world, arranging travel to resorts in South America, Europe and North America for almost 3 decades. People tell me I'm one of the hardest working people in the industry. My strengths include my organizational abilities, attention to detail and loyalty to clients and resort partners. I have a wealth of information and experience I'd love to share with you. Click here to find out more about Sandy.
John Helmers
Tour & Travel Planning Consultant
(303) 548-4201

Following my tenure at Moguls I took two years off and earned my MBA. It was a wonderfully rewarding experience that provided me with countless frameworks and tools for business decision making. Far more importantly, however, it served to confirm some basic tenets that I've always known; that work without passion is at best unsatisfying, and that relationships are at the heart of business. Click here to find out more about John.
Philip Bruno
Tour & Travel Planning Consultant
(206) 799-6242

I can show you how to live your ski dreams. East or West, count on me for professionally designed and executed trips, tailored to your group, featuring the best mountains, Après, and accommodations. Live like you deserve! Click here to find out more about Philip.